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Blood Cult is one of the oldest guilds on the server and as such has gone through a lot of changes. The guild itself retired completely with the introduction of the patch after Ulduar in WotLK and was inactive until after the latest Firelands patch (4.2) in cataclysm.

But do not panic, with Necrite, Nogi and Juwel, formerly known as Corbin, we have the three original founders of Blood Cult abord.

1 week into Firelands a group of experienced raiders had lost their raid spots in their current guild and suddenly had to deal with that situation. After a few days of discussions and experiments we decided to reactivate Blood Cult and start over from that point with a level 1 guild.

After solving the first few challenges like getting a voice chat going (Mumble), getting a website(this) and recruiting a few more people to have a healthy head count for raids we were ready to put our focus on raiding again.

We are a fairly adult guild (average age of 30 if i would have to guesstimate) and as such dont need a whole lot of complicated bullshit bingo rule sets. We use a lot of infrastructure provided by the game, communicate issues well with each other and treat each other with fairness and respect, which i believe is a good basis for focusing on the game itself.

As such we have fairly high goals aimingĀ  to tackle 10 man heroic content, how far we will come on that regard will remain to be seen of course, but with the raid group we have everyone is highly confident.

If you would like to talk with us, you can always contact any of our members in game.

One thought on “About Us!

  1. Hi and happy new year BC its Rosco /Jetblack from BC vanilla and VG hope everyone is good.
    Wasnt sure whether i would actually play this game again but i had a 10 day free trial but alas my account had been hijacked with chaos left behind :( .
    I was just about to give it up when i saw Nec log in still on my friends list so i did a who is and found the embers of BC had been rekindled.
    WOW with BC was and always has been my greatest gaming experience of anything with VG being a great game and BC doing well in encounters but just to many bugs .
    Would be great to come back to the ranks in whatever capacity is available.
    Tried a few times to contact in game but get the boss mobs thing so hope to see you all again in game :)

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