We are currently looking for healers and ranged dps for our mythic raiding team. If interested, contact us in-game.

If you want to apply because you either are an old BC member and want to join on a social basis, feel free to contact us in-game as well.

If you think you are an outstanding person on both, a social and a skill PoV, you are still welcome to drop us a message and we will see from there.

2 thoughts on “Recruitment

  1. Hello!
    I would like to apply for both me and my bf as a social if you’ll have us. We are friends with Striploin and are both very experienced players that know a good range of classes well. Both me and my bf have been around since vanilla, and we have 1 of each class at 85, most are geared to raiding level.
    We’re happy doing our own thing, but if you ever need us for raids/events we’re always happy to help.
    The character I wish to join on is my priest Katalina, who is disc/shadow, and my bf will join on his shaman Jak, who is resto/enh.
    I hope you consider us both 😀

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