Majordomo Heroic killed by Blood Cult!

Another week, another kill. No doubt things get slower from now on, but nethertheless an awesome kill.
Even recorded it, so instead of showing the normal fight, i jump straight to our first shot!
Video should be up by the end of the week. Awesome job, Cheers all!

3 thoughts on “Majordomo Heroic killed by Blood Cult!

  1. Hello from the past.

    Happy to see you guys are still around.
    There was some time since I last ran beside some of you original Blood Culters.

    Havent been playing online for many years now, but still sometimes get the urge to boot up old Bippwinno again.

    How many from the old EQ BC is still playing?

    Happy wishes to you all

    /Bippwinno the druid

    • Hi Bippwinno,

      nice to hear from you!
      From the very old team we have basically Blackwinter, Nogi and Porte left.
      If you happen to know more, refer them to our site, would be nice to have a chat about the good old times:)


  2. Hi Bippwinno, nice to hear from you!
    From the old EQ team we only have Blackinter, Nogi and Porte here, but the new team is doing great as well!
    Any word about all the other people? Please tell them to drop by if you know any of them!
    Good luck to you!


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