Heroic journey began!

Quite a few days late, but worth a post anyways. Blood Cult took down heroic Shannox (twice by now) and started its journey into the heroic content of Firelands. Quite fun fight actually, and quite repeatable as well. Hopefully we can get a few more heroic kills in before the next raid content patch hits the servers.

4 thoughts on “Heroic journey began!

  1. Hello Folks Zaslin/Chaotical here! Hope you remember me from Blood Cult days :) Good job on the kills! I haven’t played for a few months now, so nice to see you guys got the guild alive again :)

    • Hi Zaslina (thats how i remember you anyways), the OP paladin tanking shattered halls!
      Nice to see you hope you are doing fine!
      The guild being alive was more of an accident though, but worked out pretty well!

  2. I’m on Bloodhoof with a small priest called Jaslina (free account she can get to lvl 20) but free accounts are restricted so i’d love it if you guys add me as a friend and whisper me!! I can only send tells to people who have me added as a fiend!!!

    real pain in the butt:) I’d also love a social ginvite if that’s possible just to gossip to everyone again and decide if I really want to activate my old account :)

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