1/8 HC — Another week, another news…

Like any other none casual raiding guild, we managed to take down Heroic Morchok. Underwhelming fight, happy to be done with it regardless. I guess Christmas and the New Year will result in reduced raiding next 2 weeks, so there is not a lot gonna happen.

Cheers all.


One thought on “1/8 HC — Another week, another news…

  1. Hey guys it’s Jetplane here.
    It’s good to see you are still going strong.
    I still can’t believe I was a part of your first few FL kills, back when FL came out :)
    As for myself I’m 1/8 (hc) aswell, playing my mage (Magcan) in the ally guild Inferno.
    Just wanted to say hi to you guys and wish you happy holidays and ofc GL in your progression through DS.

    Take care guys

    – Your ex-goblin priest Jetplane

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