We saved the world! (this week)

One week later than anticipated and technically possible, we took down the final encounter, of Dragon Soul, Deathwing (normal), the latest content extension of World of Warcraft. Since we promised our people to continue working on their legendary, we kinda have to sacrifice one of our raid days, slowing us a bit down. But the enjoyment of the game and the team matters more than a useless ranking stat.
Congrats to all winners and happy hunting on heroic mode!

3 thoughts on “We saved the world! (this week)

  1. Wow, just stumbled on this website, and I’m surprised you guys reactivated the guild after such a long time :) Just saying hi. And good job.

  2. Yep, just fine. Not playing anything lately though, too busy with IRL stuff (switched majors to philosophy etc.). I see some familiar names on your guild roster so Merry Christmas to you guys! And to those not know to me aswell, of course.

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