Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2013!

Yes! We are still alive, actively raiding and enjoying the raid content more than ever before.

In the following days i will release a series of raid videos showing our last few raids in a summarized way. Some bosses are still missing on my last due to rotating on bosses to optimize drop chances.

Not that its particulary good kills, the last raids we rather focused more on having fun on the chat. We managed to achieve our raiding goals for 2012, even killing the first 2 heroics on top of it. We are all looking forward to continue raiding heroic content next year.

Part 1: Blood Cult 2012 series, Halls of Fear

If anyone is interested in joining our ranks, feel free to contact us in game.
Enjoy the last days of the year!
See you ingame!

1/8 HC — Another week, another news…

Like any other none casual raiding guild, we managed to take down Heroic Morchok. Underwhelming fight, happy to be done with it regardless. I guess Christmas and the New Year will result in reduced raiding next 2 weeks, so there is not a lot gonna happen.

Cheers all.


Still going strong!

Who would have thought that? 2 weeks into Firelands we almost quit the game, being heavily disappointed!

And now?

Yesterday we finished our first Legendary, the lucky person was Hendrik.
Of course this was only possible due to a large team effort of all members.
We even postponed our first venture into the newly released raid zone, to finish this one off.
And we will continue to do so, there are 2 more legendaries to come.

I am awaiting more news inthe near future, when we start our Dragon Soul raids.
I also expect to upload some video footage again for the interested.
So stay tuned!

Cheers, Juwel!


Short update. Blood Cult finally managed to get to 6/7 HC, with other words, ‘only’ Ragnaros HC is left. It took us a bit to get BT down on heroic due to 4 of our raiding team being not available (work pays the bills, but vacation??? WTF!).

Speaking of HC Ragnaros, congratulations to Sixteen Bit on their server first HC Ragnaros kill.

Unfortunately thats the only serious encounter for any serious raiding guild left, like most other people i think the ‘nerfs’ came in way too early this time.

Majordomo Heroic killed by Blood Cult!

Another week, another kill. No doubt things get slower from now on, but nethertheless an awesome kill.
Even recorded it, so instead of showing the normal fight, i jump straight to our first shot!
Video should be up by the end of the week. Awesome job, Cheers all!

Heroic journey began!

Quite a few days late, but worth a post anyways. Blood Cult took down heroic Shannox (twice by now) and started its journey into the heroic content of Firelands. Quite fun fight actually, and quite repeatable as well. Hopefully we can get a few more heroic kills in before the next raid content patch hits the servers.

To smell on roses…


After a quite taxing week of working on Ragnaros we decided to go just for a clear the next week, tanking some fresh energy for the upcoming heroic adventures.

As such we also took the time to finish of some of these ZA mounts, showing how much team spirit is within the guild. I am really happy to be part of such a team.

Next up i will present our 2nd Ragnaros kill on youtube, just need to find some extra time to work on it, the raw material is already on the disc.

So long;)

T12 cleared on normal, Ragnaros down, Blood Cult wins flame war!

Ragnaros vs Blood Cult

Ragnaros defeated by Blood Cult

One week after Majordomo was defeated, we had an awesome wednesday raid, killing everything with 2 and more legs up to and including Majordomo again, leaving us a comfortable time frame for Ragnaros.

It wasn’t until the last famous try that all pieces came together and we finally managed to take him down in an overall very rewarding fight.

Thanks a lot to all who helped on the various wipes and the final kill.

On further notes i managed to add two more videos:
Alysrazor versus Blood Cult
Baleroc versus Blood Cult

Now a week of relaxed raiding and then on to heroic modes, we will keep you updated!

Next stop: Ragnaros!

Majordomo Staghelm

Majordomo Staghelm

Finally! We should have been there 2 weeks ago, but summer holidays really nerfed our progression a bit. Anyways, after a handful attempts and some stack adjustments we took him down fairly easy. Not exactly pretty yet, but this one will certainly get easier over time.

Videos of Alys, MD and Baleroc to come soon!

Previous kills

Just for completeness, here the screenshots from our first few Fireland kills:

(click image for full view)