A Message to the followers of Blood Cult!

First things first

I would like to thank the heroic raiding team of Blood Cult for wonderful 2 years of raiding.
We went through a lot of rough times, but over time and based on a lot of effort from every single member we managed to finally finish the latest raiding zone on the highest difficulty before it is being invalidated by newer content patches.

But now we have a new extremely huge challenge ahead of us; transitioning to a mythic raiding team, basically doubling our raid roster. Everyone who has been long enough around in the game knows, how difficult and risky this can turn out.

That being said, i would like to welcome all our new members that joined over the last couple months in order to experience and hopefully enjoy the next WoW Expansion and particulary its raid content. The task to integrate all the new people into our existing guild is our biggest challenge in the upcoming weeks and of utmost importance in order to successfully raid mythic content in WoD. I ask everyone to stay calm and behave friendly, towards eachother as well as towards the rest of the server.

Our path to mythic raiding

Our goal in the new expansion is clearly defined, defeat current raid content before it is being invalidated by new content. At the same time we want to maintain our entertaining raiding atmosphere as well as supporting all those raiders who are a very valueable part of the team but at have a lot of IRL responsibilities. Getting this balance right has always been a challenge, and we learned to get this one right. With double the raid size, this is not going to be easier and requires a certain amount of “wisdom” (for a lack of a better word).

However there are also a couple mandatory and measureable requirements which i will list next:

  • keep using the ingame calendar and update your raid attendence status frequently
  • be in time for raids or give a heads up if possible if you cant be (we are not in the 90th anymore, smart phones, internet etc. should be able to solve most of the problems here)
  • prepare encounters, at a bare minimum know your class and role specifics for a given encounter, and of course the encounter abilities
  • maintain your UI, use Addons to further support your raid tasks, Grid, WeakAuras, BossMods should be known, installed and running
  • flasks, potions, food, whatever the raid design requires should be available for use
  • offspec should be available and ready for raid setup flexibility
  • for mythic raiding a fairly high and relyable raid attendence is very important (there is nothing more frustrating then having to integrate new people on every raid while working on new encounters)
  • provide a stable environment on your end, 19 people having to wait for this one person that goes LD every 10 minutes is extremely demotivating)
  • ability to join and listen on mumble, it is a huge plus if you are also in the position to talk on mumble
  • read this: raid-awareness-is-a-learned-and-practiced-skill

Now we are not going to guild disband someone if he doesnt follow those rules. Bad things can always happen, your plans got changed or whatever, in short, shit happens and its fine. However it is going to be very obvious if not following those rules is an exception or the rule, and in the latter case this might very well mean that you wont be part of the mythic raiding team. If there is 24 people doing the extra efforts neccesary to stick to the rules, it is extremely unfair to not do it, and basically get carried through. This wont be tolerated for long.

Regarding the raid team setup

Initially we will raid heroic (previously normal) content to gear up and follow the progression path. For this content there should be no restrictions regarding the team setup.

For mythic we plan to establish a group of roughly 25 dedicated people. Whats the reasoning behind that number and why is it roughly 25, and not exactly? Well, there is a balance to find, and thats somthing we ll have to figure out on our way. But what is to be balanced?

The case for less people:
When learning new encounters, one does want to a stick to a fixed team, i guess everyone knows the term ‘never change a winning team’. Everyone knows how a certain person reacts in a certain situation, introducing new people in such a team can be quite a setback in terms of progress. This can be considered on a ‘per encounter’ basis, new encounter can mean a slightly different team setup.

The case for more people:
What is better, no progress at all, or a slower progress than anticipated? Someone gets called to work, the internet is down in greek, the GFX card just blew away, most of us have experienced this or similiar issues during your raiding carrier. In such a case it is alway good to have someone able to fill the open spot and enable the team to go on. Of course this doesnt work with someone who just dinged 100, you want a reasonably equivalent replacement in order to keep going.

That can only be achieved by rotating a few people through, sharing knowledge and gear among a bigger team than what is strictly neccesary. For 10man HC raiding we went with 13, and we feel for 20man mythic, 25 could be that number.

Pretty much the entire old HC raiding team will become the new mythic team (if the person actually wants to of course). The new HC raiding (previously normal) will be the stepping stone for everyone wanting the go mythic raiding. Here you can show your capabilities dedication and skill.

Raid entry defintions will come as soon as we have more information available, i am pretty sure however that we will move into a raiding instance as soon as it is available! Its not likely however, that some one in purely green items is going to be a help though, in fact with the new scaling system he could turn out as a burden, hence we will have to define a few entry barriers.

Closing words

There is no *I* in team. We will only achieve our goals if we pull into the same direction. If there are any questions or suggestions, feel free to throw me a message!

Cheers, Juwel

P.S.: thanks to Ilu we are officially presented on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bloodcult.EU