Blackhand HC — Better late than never!

Blackhand HCAt last! Blackhand down on heroic. We almost had him down pre nerf (15%), but with the recent item level buff it was really just a matter of everyone getting everything right.

Here is a kill video featuring a wonderful feral PoV:

We are also recruting right now. We would like to have 2 healers joining our ranks to provide more stability in our raid setup. If you are interested contact us in-game.

Happy new year!

Blood Cult wishes everyone a happy new year and a successful raiding tier as well!
Due to the low signups during the holidays we just went into Firelands with a group of 9 finishing our Fireland Raid Meta Achievement!

We saved the world! (this week)

One week later than anticipated and technically possible, we took down the final encounter, of Dragon Soul, Deathwing (normal), the latest content extension of World of Warcraft. Since we promised our people to continue working on their legendary, we kinda have to sacrifice one of our raid days, slowing us a bit down. But the enjoyment of the game and the team matters more than a useless ranking stat.
Congrats to all winners and happy hunting on heroic mode!

Alysrazor brought down

Last monday we managed to take Alysrazor in an awesome super clean perfect kill down. Did your sarcasm sensor go off? Well yeah we killed him, just like soo many other guilds killed him before us. It was a great moment anyways, putting us at 5/7 on normal mode. Majordomo got to see us as well and barely pulled off a 1% win (for the mentally challenged, we took him down to 1%)! Pretty sure he is gonna die next reset as well.

Cheers all, remember to have fun!